If it’s been around for decades and it’s as good as you say it is, why isn’t it everywhere?

One is that electrolyzed water has already been adopted in many parts of the world as a safer and more effective alternative to chemicals. In Japan, for instance, e-water is the norm, and they reap the benefits of lower infection rates and minimized pathogenic growth. While America lags a bit in implementation, many domestic facilities are fed up with the hazards of chemicals and off-the-charts microbial counts and are changing over to our natural solutions in a hurry.

HOCL is mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes and at hospitals where its antimicrobial properties are at par with industry standards. There are only a small handful of companies  able to deliver quality EPA approved machines, and we’re proud to say we’re one of them!

Enjoy Sanity has been in the forefront of bringing the science of advanced deep cleaning to a larger audience!

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