How is this more effective than traditional store bought chemicals?

Chemical disinfectants typically confront pathogens by attempting to permeate the lining and enter the nucleus of the cell. If the disinfectant is too weak or depleted by the time it permeates and cannot kill the cell, as is often the case, then that pathogen becomes resistant to said disinfectant.

Chemicals have been shown to be ineffective at killing the antibiotic-resistant superbugs wreaking havoc on millions of people all over the world. A 2014 report from the British government posited that superbugs are on track to kill more than cancer by 2050. The time for a new solution is past due.

Using our Electrolyzed Water System, you can make a super effective natural method to kill almost immediately on contact. As soon as you put the liquid in contact with the pathogen, the cell protein disintegrates and dies, leaving no room for it to mutate

Why settle for cleaners that give your home the scent of a science lab when you can use a solution that’s safe to use anywhere.

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